Model 5 x 9

Customers have found many useful applications for use due to its large size and flexibility. From hauling skids of ice, storage of other refrigerated or frozen products to temporary or permanent cold storage, the 5 x 9 is very versatile. The standard transport is constructed to allow loading two 42 x 48 pallets of ice. Pallet skid rails, pallet stop and interior door kick plates help keep skids in place and protect the transport surface interior. If the transport is used for other food storage, the construction is designed to satisfy NSF listing.

For 1 Ton Trucks

  • 220 cubic feet capacity
    Approx. 720 7 lb. bags:
    Automatic defrost*
    Approx. 740 7 lb. bags:
    Coil wall plate
  • Outside Dimensions:
    Width 56"
    Length 108"
    Height 83"
  • Door opening:
    45" W x 74" H
  • Weight:
    1640 lbs. - Auto defrost
    1795 lbs. - Cold wall

*Merchandiser storage capacity may vary due to type of ice, ice bag size differences and
methods of loading. Estimated quantity of bags calculated for automatic defrost model